Cinnamon Privacy

As the developers of Cinnamon, we value your privacy.

We only collect and store:

All giveaway-related data are stored for a maximum of 168 hours after the giveaway ends.
All server-related data are stored until Cinnamon leaves the server.
All user-related data are stored until data removal is requested by DMing OIRNOIR#0032 on Discord.

We store logs for issue resolution only. These logs are regularly deleted, and will never contain any information more personal than an ID.

No data is used or collected for analytical purposes.

No messages that are received by Cinnamon are stored. If at any point Cinnamon needs to store messages, they will be encrypted using strong, secure encryption.

If you have questions about this policy or wish to view or delete your data, please DM OIRNOIR#0032 on Discord.

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